Crack and scratch repair

How it works

Casphone Signature crack and scratch repair is not screen replacement. We use a special technology (very similar to windshield repair technology) to repair cracks and scratches. Our goal is to fix scratches and cracks, or make the glass safe and avoid further cracks. 

Can it fix cracks?

Yes, in most cases we can repair cracks. Our technician will assess your device before we start the process, and will inform you about what outcome you can expect. In most cases, the crack will not be visible, or the surface will be smooth and the crack will not worsen over time. 

Can you guarantee that my glass will be perfect?

In some cases, there will be no visible cracks/scratches on your screen after the repair process. In other cases, even after the repair process there might be some slight marks on the screen, but the crack will not go any further over time, and the glass will be safe. The outcome depends on the condition of the screen and some other factors. We cannot guarantee that your screen will be perfect, but we can assure you that we are going to do our best to make your screen as perfect as we can. 


- Very cost effective. For example a Samsung S9 screen replacement can cost $495, while crack repair only cost $99
- Safe. Exposed and unrepaired cracks can cause injuries and bacterieal and viral infections. 
- Quick. The whole process only takes about 30-60 minutes

How much it costs

Crack repair costs $99, scratch repair costs $29. We always recommend to put a tempered glass screen protector over the repaired glass, and we provide 50% discount on all tempered glass screen protectors with any scratch/crack repairs. 

Where to start

The best is to head to one of our locations to get your screen fixed. 

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