How RepairBug affects your phone repair business?

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When a customer visit your phone repair shop or kiosk with their phone issue, they expect you to repair their device and to make the device work perfectly. However, some devices, you can repair within a few hours or one day but somes devices may take over few weeks to repair if you do not the parts in your stock. Moreover, if your customers have to wait without any updates, they may be unstisfied and it affect your reputation. There are two reasons why your phone repair shop should use RepairBug (POS) - phone repair software.

1. RepairBug can record customer and device's details

Before you start repairing any device, you can add and record all devices information in terms of the customer's detais, device's details and much more in RepairBug and will the system create the repairing and purchasing data automatically. Moreover, each repair, the RepairBug will generate the unique barcode which including repair detail only.

Further, the benefit of recording the data is you can generate the report and data for ststistics, for marketing purpose for your phone repair business. When you have already record all information, it has a insignificant chance to return the wrong devices to the wrong owners. We found that if you have a few shops in different locations and some devices need to repair at the head office for some reasons, this is very easily to mess up the devices and they may be loss or return to the wrong owner.

2. RepairBug can tracking your repairs

When your repair has completed, you can confirm with RepairBug and the system will send message and notice to customer. On the other hand, after addding the repair details, customer will recieve the barcode which can use in RepairBug Tracking to check the the repair status and also message customer when the repair has completed.

RepairBug can help you manage repairs and can buil the convenience in your phone repair business

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