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1. If after replacing the agreed parts, further parts need to be replaced for the device to be in good working order, Casphone will contact the customer for permission to proceed and will advise of any further costs. If the customer does not wish to proceed, the original parts will be replaced if possible and the $50 service fee will still be payable. If the customer is not contactable, no further work will be completed.
2. Normal Service period is five (5) working days, however, this time frame is dependent on the parts needing to be replaced, acquisition of said parts, and postage times. Should there be any delays, customer will be contacted to advise.
3. Customer has 14 working days to collect the device. Should customer miss the above deadline a 30% extra charge will be applied. Should customer fail to collect the device within 30 working days, it becomes Casphone's property and may be destroyed.
4. Customer understands that if the device is required to be posted, Casphone is not responsible for any issues emerging from the services of Australia Post.
5. Customers pay for services UPON COLLECTION, by cash or eftpos. Casphone shall not accept cheques or installment payments.
6. A refund can't be given for liquid damage repairs or repairs that are related to a liquid damage.
7. Waterproof devices: we can't guarantee that the device will be 100% waterproof after the repair process has been completed.
8. Fingerprint sensor: please be advised that the fingerprint sensor won't work after replacing the home button/home button flex. (e.g. iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6+)
9. When repair is ready customer will be notified. Customer agrees that repairman may test their device to ensure quality of service, including making a device call of up to but no more than 1 minute.


10. Customer acknowledges that the price quoted only covers replacement of the parts listed as part of the quotation, but shall not cover other problems revealed during the repair process.
11. The quotation includes a $50 service fee. This will be charged irrespective of whether the device is fixable. This amount will be deducted from the repair price.


12. Customer is responsible for backing up all data. We cannot under any circumstances be held responsible for any loss of data.
13. Customer is responsible to double-check the warranty with their phone company BEFORE doing a repair. Casphone is not liable for any warranties voided.
14. Warranty excludes faults relating to physical or accidental damage, or if the reason of the physical damage is not known. (eg. Cracked/shattered screen (front glass and/or LCD panel))
15. Warranty can't be given for the following repairs: software or software related, motherboard, liquid damage.
16. Casphone's warranty to serviced devices is limited to thirty (30) days from collection of repair and includes only the replaced parts. Casphone is not responsible for any other malfunction the device may produce that is not related to the replaced parts other replacement procedure.
17. Casphone’s warranty period of 1 Year i.e "SMART Warranty” only applies to repaired parts (accidental damage is not covered) that have only been repaired by Casphone and no other third party repairer.
18. Casphone has a limited warranty period of 90 days for all phone cases and accessories

Effective from 13/06/2016