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Phone repairs Redcliffe

On-site phone and computer repairs in Bluewater Square Shopping Centre


we are

Bluewater Square Shopping Centre, 20 Anzac Avenue, Redcliffe 4020

Phone number: 

(07) 3284 1596
and 0402 810 910

Opening hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: 9 am - 5 pm
Thirsday: 9 am - 6 pm
Saturday: 9 am - 4 pm | Sunday: 9 am - 2 pm


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we do

We repair all kinds of problems such as: 

 Repair types (Phones and tablets)  Repair types (Laptop and desktop computers) 
 Screen replacement   Screen replacement (laptops)
 Battery replacement  SSD Upgrade
 Button replacement  Gard drive replacement
 Speaker Replacement   Memory upgrade
 Charging port replacement   Software issues
 Back cover replacement  Battery replacement
 Housing replacement  Power supply replacement
 Audio jack replacement  Virus removal
 + all kinds of repairs   Slow computer issues
   + all kinds of repairs


We repair all major phone brands and models, such as:

 iPhone models  iPad models  Samsung models  Sony Models  Other 
 iPhone 4  iPad 2  Samsung S2   Sony Z  HTC
 iPhone 4S  iPad 3  Samsung S3  Sony Z1  Nokia
 iPhone 5  iPad 4  Samsung S4  Sony Z2  Microsoft
 iPhone 5S  iPad Mini   Samsung S5  Sony Z3  Telstra
 iPhone 5C  iPad Mini 2   Samsung S6  Sony Z3 Compact   + all models 
 iPhone SE  iPad Mini 3  Samsung S6 Edge  Sony Z4  
 iPhone 6  iPad Mini 4  Samsung S7  Sony Z5   
 iPhone 6 Plus  iPad Air  Samsung S7 Edge   Sony Z5 Compact   
 iPhone 6S  iPad Air 2  Samsung S8  Sony Z5 Premium  
 iPhone 6S Plus  iPad Pro  Samsung Note 1  Sony Tablets  
 iPhone 7   + all models  Samsung Note 2   + all models  
 iPhone 7 Plus    Samsung Note 3    
  + all models    Samsung Note 4    
     Samsung Note 5    
     Samsung Tablets    
      + all models    



For prices, please contact us on 0402 810 910 (text or call)

or (07) 3284 1596


Phone repairs Computer repairs Support
We repair all the major phone models, such as
iPhone, Sony, HTC, Nokia and so on.
We do screen replacement, or any other problems.
Broken screen, slow computer, viruses?
Bring it in, or call us
out today!
 Having trouble with a computer, laptop, printer
the network? Need help vith virus removal
or software problems? We are here to help!
Walk-in / Mail-in / Call-out Walk-in / Mail-in / Call-out Remote / Walk-in / On-site

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More info

More info



For prices, please contact us on 0402 810 910

or (07) 3284 1596

Contact us